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Judge temporarily blocks Colorado medical marijuana doctors

NEWS MARIJUANA Judge temporarily blocks Colorado medical marijuana doctors’ suspensions Doctors say Colorado Medical Board based punishment on unwritten rule Seth McConnell, Denver Post file A grow light shines through the leaves of a cannabis plant at Northern Lights grow... Read More

Don’t compromise for cheapo weed.

Isn’t it time we stop running around looking for the amazing special of the day? When really all we are trying to accomplish is an amazing high alone or with people and to buy it from people that love their... Read More

Easter Bunny Turned Pothead Easter Eggs Funny Weed Memes

Happy Easter Marijuana Memes | Pothead Easter Bunny Grows Weed Memes | Funny Easter Stoner Humor Pics | Stoned Bunny Holiday Memes Happy Stoned Easter to all the potheads, stoners, and pot farming Easter bunnies from!  Enjoy this funny... Read More

Tom and Jerry Weed Memes Passing The Joint Cartoon 420 Spoof

Tom and Jerry Weed Memes | Pass The Joint Stoner Cartoon Memes | Funny Pothead Cartoon Spoof | Stoner Tom & Jerry Pics One of our favorite cartoon characters Tom & Jerry are passing the joint stash for the smoke... Read More

Our Vision

To be the best, Offer the best, Consistently best the best and make our customers happy every day that they need us.... Read More

The idea behind the patent…

The most responsive and pungient flower is birthed from a plant that is in the perfected climate and circustances. So why not offer that brilliance in the marijuana industry? LaConte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary did it and did it so well they are able to... Read More

Remember when you slept like a baby?

Our patients do every day. Being Axiety free is a huge benifactor to having a healthy lifestyle and many types of weed and marijuana products can help you sleep like a baby.  ... Read More