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Every Brand Claims To Be The Best! What Do The People Say?

THANK YOU! In August 2016 Leafbuyer put that question to you! Every brand claims to be the best. What do the people say?Throughout the month, Leafbuyer conducted a consumer survey to find how the best bud, flowers & concentrates are created in Colorado.
To all our Colorado people. Thanks for choosing us!

Laconte's Clone Store and Marijuana Dispensary.

Amazing Clones ready to grow.

Unsure of how your clone will turn out? Take a sample of the premium Marijuana first before committing to growing your own bud to perfection.  Our clients love knowing the potential their grow will taste, smell and look prior to any time well spent. Get your sample pack today and ask our certified growers how to place it in the best habitat.

Having a difficult time? Feel free to call or email us anytime and get your knowledge from today’s grow experts.


Premium hand trimmed to perfection

Our high end products have kept our Loyal Customers satisfied for over 10 years.

Premium Clones Created
Different Strains Mastered
Happy Customers Serviced
High Fives Connected


Enjoy our customer satisfaction award winning staff and allow us to help you along an education process if you ever need.

LaConte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary is conveniently located at two locations in heart of Colorado. Our high end clones have are available to medicinal customers and our potent weed ready for purchase to anyone over 21. Contact  one of our highly trained bud tenders today and get your packet started now.

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