Top 8 Tips for Growing Healthy Cannabis Clones

Growing healthy cannabis clones can be challenging, but with these top eight tips, you can optimize your clone growth for successful cannabis cultivation. From selecting healthy clones to trimming and training, read on to learn how to grow healthy cannabis clones.

So, you found some clones and you’re ready to grow your own. Now what? First, congratulations—it’s a girl! Flowering cannabis plants are all female. Clones are cuttings taken from mother plants and will produce an exact copy of the mother plant. The beauty of clones is that they are more predictable and grow faster. Here’s how to raise them right.

CLONE GROWING Tip 1: Start with Healthy Clones

When selecting clones, ensure they are healthy and free of any pests or diseases. If you already have plants and are adding to your grow, it’s important to quarantine new plants for 3-5 days. Check for anything that might adversely affect your other plants, like fungus or pests. If the leaves are twisted, blistered, have small specks, yellow or white spots, fuzzy patches, powdery residue or bite marks, it’s a sign they could have mites, mildew or other issues.

Tip 2: Use High-Quality Soil or Hydroponic Nutrients

Choose nutrient-rich soil or hydroponic solutions to provide the nutrients your clones need to grow strong and healthy.

Tip 3: Transplant the Clones as Soon as Possible

Transplant the clones into clean soil or hydroponic systems as soon as possible to minimize stress and prevent stunted growth. If transplanting to pots, use new or clean and sterilized pots.

Tip 4: Keep the Clones Well-Watered

Ensure your clones are well-watered, but not overwatered or underwatered. Too much water can cause stress and stunt growth.

Tip 5: Provide Proper Lighting

Select a grow light that provides enough light for your clones but not too much. Too much light can cause them to dry out or become burnt.

Tip 6: Maintain the Proper Temperature and Humidity

Cannabis clones need a warm and humid environment to grow properly. Maintain temperatures between 70-80°F (21-27°C) and humidity levels between 60-70%. If you’re comfy, so are your plants!

Tip 7: Keep Pests and Diseases at Bay

Cannabis clones are vulnerable to pests and diseases. Keep your grow area clean and pest-free with organic pest control methods, avoiding chemical pesticides.

Tip 8: Trim and Train the Plants

Regularly trim your clones to promote healthy growth and bushier plants. Train them using techniques like topping or low-stress training (LST) to encourage even growth and bigger yields.

Ready to Grow?

By following these top eight clone rowing  tips for growing healthy cannabis clones, you can ensure successful cannabis cultivation. Have a question? Ask our team next time you’re in!