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Clone Growing Tips

Learn how to grow healthy cannabis clones with these top eight \ tips. From selecting healthy clones to trimming and training, optimize your clone growth for successful cannabis cultivation.... Read More

710 Deals!

“710” spells oil upside down and the day has become the official holiday for dabbers worldwide. We are celebrating with some of the best dab deals in town:... Read More

4th of July Specials!

We’ll be celebrating InDABendence Day with our usual amazing deals on CannaSaver and the following special deals:... Read More

Different Ways Of Consuming Cannabis

If you’ve eaten an edible, smoked a joint, or taken a dab – you might have realized that each method of consuming cannabis can have a wildly different effect. Some ways – like edibles – can take an hour or... Read More

LaConte’s & HD Bell: New Look Who Dis?!

If you’ve swung by our North store on Washington St at all in the past couple of months you’ve probably noticed that we’ve got some colorful new additions to the store! Our good friend HD Bell, a local Denver artist... Read More

The Best 420 Deals In Denver!

We’re celebrating the holiday in a BIG way! Check out our VERY special 420 deals and discounts below and stop in this week for vendor pop ups and more! We’ll also be receiving some brand spanking new merchandise so follow... Read More

New 710 Labs Live Rosin Drop!

It’s always 710 at LaConte’s thanks to the fine folks at 710 Labs. If you’ve been to either of our locations, you know we’ve always got a wide selection of the best hash and solventless concentrates in Denver. Whether you’re... Read More

Our Favorite Places To Use The Quest Aeroinhaler

The Aeroinhaler by Quest Concentrates has become one of our favorite products to consume on the go in a discrete and effective way while still getting completely natural cannabis terpenes. Here are a few ways we love to use it!... Read More

The Best Medical Member Dispensary Deals In Denver!

At LaConte’s we pride ourselves on the family that we’ve built and we strive to take care of everyone who walks in our door, whether that be our customers, our budtenders and staff, to our incredible management team, and everyone... Read More

Dab City on 1/20: A Live Resin Festivus With the Best Deals in Denver!

Please RSVP to the event on the DAB CITY FACEBOOK PAGE! If you are looking for the best deals on whole plant live resin in the state of Colorado, then look no further. For one day Here is a list... Read More