The Aeroinhaler by Quest Concentrates has become one of our favorite products to consume on the go in a discrete and effective way while still getting completely natural cannabis terpenes. Here are a few ways we love to use it!
Many public places like malls, museums, libraries, movie theatres, and sporting events don’t allow public consumption. Smoking in public is not only illegal, but walking around reeking of cannabis isn’t really doable when you’re with friends and family. With this in mind, shaking and consuming the conservative, discreet puffs of the Aeroinhaler’s cannabis distillate and live resin terpenes presents one of our favorite ways of enjoying the flavors and health benefits of cannabis. Along with portability, the smokeless, non-combusting of the Aeroinhaler helps everyone around us healthy, smell, and smoke free!
The terpenes in the Aeroinhaler are perfect for camping trips and traveling around Colorado! Cleaning it is a breeze, making it well-suited for any environment. It goes without saying that it’s still illegal to leave Colorado with any cannabis products, so make sure you leave it behind if you’re leaving the state!
While out hiking, mountain biking, running, and camping, the Aeroinhaler enables health-conscious consumption without the need to bring a lighter! Portability and pure THC content make it ideal for an active lifestyle. Every puff of distillate contains the same dose, so, you can measure your intake with ease. Gone are the days of not being able to light a bowl or ruining a joint because of the weather. The Aeroinhaler’s waterproof design makes it the perfect candidate for the beach, lake trips, rainy days, or tubing down the river!
How do YOU use the Aeroinhaler?! Comment or message us on Instagram and let us know!