If you’ve swung by our North store on Washington St at all in the past couple of months you’ve probably noticed that we’ve got some colorful new additions to the store! Our good friend HD Bell, a local Denver artist and longtime friend of LaConte’s recently completed two large murals on the outside, as well as a psychedelic redesign of the entryway and a rolling landscape inside.

The outside mural features a gorgeous sunset beaming across the Rocky Mountain landscape. We offer some of the best weed deals in Denver, and in the entire state! If you’re in town, come check out the mural, and find out why we can get you a mile higher in the Mile High!

The parking lot by our handicap accessible side entrance features a sprawling galaxy, satellites, planets and stars which even stretch onto the second floor roof. If you’re in town come check out the latest artwork and see for yourself!

Huge thanks again to HD Bell for all of the time and effort it took to complete these beautiful pieces. You can check out more of his work and follow him on Instagram @HDbell!