If you’ve eaten an edible, smoked a joint, or taken a dab – you might have realized that each method of consuming cannabis can have a wildly different effect. Some ways – like edibles – can take an hour or longer to kick in. Others, like dabs, have an onset after just a few short minutes. But regardless of whether you’re a recreational patient or a medical patient in Colorado, cannabis can have some incredible effects! Here’s a bit more science behind a few of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis.

SMOKING: When cannabis is smoked, the cannabinoids’ chemical structure is altered by the heat and psychoactive THC is created. Even though a good amount of THC will get into your bloodstream, a good portion remains in the mouth connecting with the mouth’s cannabinoid receptors and also in the smoke-exposed tissues. We keep a wide range of smoking devices on our shelves at LaConte’s on Washington and our 7th avenue location including, rolling papers, pipes, and water pipes!

VAPORIZING: If you’ve ever taken a puff from a vape pen, you already know that you don’t need to  ignite your cannabis in order to be able to enjoy its effects! The chemical compounds found in cannabis can be vaporized at gentle and less harmful temperatures. If you have a flower vaporizer, like a PAX, you can vaporize any of our strains! If you’re just looking for something simple on the go, our V3 vape cartridges pack 500mg of pure Colorado CO2 oil into a cartridge for just $18. Don’t miss it!

EDIBLES: We carry a range of edibles from Coda Signature cannabis infused chocolate bars to Wana 100mg Gummies – since THC breaks down in our livers when digested, it takes about an hour or more for the full effects to be felt! As always, we advise everyone to exercise caution with edibles and begin with a low dose and work their way up to a higher dosage after two hours if necessary!

TINCTURES: Tinctures are applied under the tongue directly, ensuring that they enter the bloodstream immediately as opposed to other edibles. This causes the effects to be felt a lot quicker and it is easier to control the dose. They come in a variety of cannabinoid profiles, potencies, and flavors taking care of your medical needs and specific desires!

TOPICAL METHODS: Feel like relaxing in the tub after a long day? Have sore joint pain that won’t go away? Looking for something to help sooth your muscles after a workout? Our Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath, and 4oz salves are just what you’re looking for! With topicals, the THC isn’t actually absorbed into the bloodstream, yet still offers relief for a wide range of symptoms.

Whats your favorite way of consuming cannabis? What are your favorite products? Message us on Instagram and let us know!